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6 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard to Protect Your Corporate Office

Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

Ensuring the physical security of a corporation means protecting the valuable assets, information, and employees from outside threats. 

Since the crime rate in our country is increasing by every means, one of the best ways to enhance the physical security of a corporation is to hire a security guard or personnel. 

A security guard has to perform several duties that include monitoring the office premises, detecting intruders, and maintaining the overall safety of the employees. 

Today, we will discuss why hiring a security guard is mandatory for your office. Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Summary

Hiring a security guard is beneficial and a must for every corporate office. It’s a long-followed tradition and a safe way to deal with outside problems. 

Currently, there are so many security service companies in our country. These companies work to provide us with the best security solutions possible. 

You can contact these companies for any kind of security-based solution. The solution includes the best-ever security guards for your institution. 

Usually, detecting crime and mitigating it, or having quick reactions to emergency calls are some of the foremost tasks a security guard takes on.

6 Advantages of Hiring a Security Guard 

1. Crime Detection 

Having security guards at your workplace allows them to identify potential threats to your property and take appropriate action. Security guards are trained to detect unusual or suspect behavior. So they can easily identify potential criminals too.

Even those with the best of intentions could be afraid to walk into the office and hesitate before hurting anyone. When attackers see guards in uniform and with an arm, it immediately raises a red flag, alerting them to their presence.

Furthermore, thieves frequently look for security weaknesses on the properties they want to target. Security personnel are trained to spot unusual activity and to spot any thieves scouting your company’s property.

2. Immediate Response 

Security guards have to undergo training that includes prompt crime response. Sometimes threats can occur unexpectedly and even after taking measures such as installing security cameras, and a sensor alert system – these fail to detect intruders. 

In such events, security guards are trained to make quick decisions and take action to fight against terrorism. Sometimes, during an attack, police response may take several minutes to hours since our country has one of the worst traffic issues. 

During that time, anything can happen to anyone. Even people can lose their lives due to unexpected terrorist attacks.

Armed security guards help mitigate or minimize the potential destruction. Before the help arrives, security guards can become the last hope of every employee working for a corporation.

Here is a list of some of the best security service companies in Bangladesh – you may want to check these out.

3. Reduce Accidental Injuries 

Security personnel are not simply there to prevent crime. Ensuring that buildings are safe for tenants, visitors, and staff is one of their most significant responsibilities.

A security guard will keep an eye out for potential threats to public safety. Let’s say, debris obstructing a walkway or a slippery surface that needs to be marked with a warning sign. The guard has two options: either deal with these issues personally or call in the proper maintenance staff to fix the issues.

Having security personnel on duty around the clock to spot any threats to public safety can help your office building’s accident and injury rates go down.

So, having an extra pair of watchful eyes is always better.

4. Mental Peace

Security guards in a corporate office offer multiple benefits. It gives us a sense of mental peace and assurance that if anything goes wrong – there is someone to handle it firsthand. 

As well as that, a security guard helps detect the presence of possible threats such as trespassers, vandals, etc. It minimizes anxiety regarding security concerns among workers and managers.

In the back of their mind, the employees feel assured that a trained professional is on-site to handle security issues which contribute to peace of mind.

Having a security guard in a corporate office promotes a secure and stable environment, fostering a sense of mental peace and well-being among employees, visitors, and management.

5. Monitor the Premises

Security cameras have limited offerings in case of preventing crimes. Hiring a security guard gives ultra protection when your office needs it the most.

For example, the morning hours are bustling with busy employees. Normally, attackers won’t choose daytime to enter the premises. They will think of the opposite.

In that matter, a private security guard can help with that by keeping an eye on what’s happening on the screen.

A guard can also screen newcomers or verify credentials at the front door. A security guard can ensure that only those with permission pass through entrance points if there are areas of your building that are off-limits to the public.

6. Better Customer Service 

Because they provide a safe point of contact for visitors to your office, professional security guards are trained in both communication and customer service techniques.

Some of your patrons may certainly interact with your security officer at some time. Enhancing customer satisfaction and enhancing service delivery in your company may be achieved by having a competent and amiable security guard engage with clients.

Finally, the image of a corporation is strengthened and built when clients believe it to be secure. Similarly, there’s a likelihood that customer response and interactions will improve when customers contact your organization and feel more secure.

As a result, a company presents itself as more customer-focused while offering a better and safer environment for working and communicating.

Hiring A Private Security Guard

Protecting a client from various risks is the duty of private security guards (typically in the form of criminal conduct). 

In addition to enforcing corporate policies, security staff members are occasionally required by contract to take action to safeguard people and property.

Depending on what each company needs, their duties may change. An entire business or just one individual might be safeguarded by a private security guard.

As an example, we frequently witness celebrities traveling with their personal bodyguards or private security officers. In the same way, it might be any significant individual, including a political leader or other influential figure.

When we consider these matters, we must also consider the lives of our everyday citizens. If a business, industry, or even a home decides to employ a private security guard, the amount of damage may be less than typical.

4 Best Professional Security Guard Services in Bangladesh 

1. Sentry Security Services Ltd.

Sentry Security Services

Sentry Security Service Ltd is Bangladesh’s one of the best premium security service providers. This security company has been working since 1995.

Their services are based on their rapidly expanding good quality and reputation, which they have built by satisfying their customers with their extremely committed and well-run management.

Their security guards are working throughout the country in 64 districts with almost 5000 highly trained security personnel. They are working harder to meet the best needs of every individual in the country. 

2. Max Secure Ltd.

Max Secure Ltd.

Max Secure is one of the best security guard companies in Bangladesh. It is known for its prompt and excellent service quality. 

In our country, corporate owners or business holders are slowly learning about the importance of safeguarding their people and assets. Max Secure Ltd ensures that safety. 

Moreover, when a Max Secure Guard is present, you can be confident that all of your security needs are being fulfilled and exceeded.

3. Careforce Ltd. 

Careforce Ltd

Careforce Ltd was founded in 1987. They have always emphasized the importance of professionalism to excel in their duties. As a consequence, they always try to do their best and every one of their security officers may be reckoned with when dealing with criminals of any kind. 

4. Orion Security Service Limited 

Orion Security Services Limited

In Bangladesh, Orion is one of the pioneers of security services. They have been in the market for around 13 years. Slowly, they are becoming one of the top security companies in Bangladesh. 

This company is committed to offering clients the following services:

  • Security guard services that offer cash-carrying,
  • Bodyguard or armed bodyguard, supervisor, and lady guard services.
  • They also provide security equipment and human resource services.

Importance of Hiring a Security Company

Hiring a security company is essential for individual organizations, corporations, institutions, and personal needs. 

Security companies provide trained professionals with the expertise to protect and fight against criminals and are paramount for protecting the lives of working bodies, valuable pieces of information, and assets. 

Here are some key reasons why you should contact a security company to safeguard your entity: 

  • Prevent Criminal Activities: Guards on duty provide a visible and tangible barrier to criminality. The mere presence of an officer may significantly lower crime rates and lessen the possibility that an attacker would cause injury. 
  • Enhance Awareness: Security guards share an extra set of eyes and ears to prevent on-spot crime activities. Their deliberate and unique presence serves to provide prompt action in a variety of circumstances, ranging from de-escalating a crisis to averting hostilities. Security preserves balance and fosters situational awareness.
  • Handle Situations More Tactfully: It is crucial to handle security concerns immediately since the threat environment is always changing. The situation must be contained to prevent panic and an increase in destruction. Organization, protocol, and adequate manpower facilitate efficient problem-solving and a speedy company restoration to regular operations. 
  • Reduce Your Stress Level: Professional security guards deal with uncomfortable circumstances that you might be less inclined to deal with yourself. You may sleep better with peace of mind knowing that you or your company is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Legal Requirements For Hiring Security Guards In Bangladesh?

The Private Security Companies (Regulation) Act 2015 governs hiring security guards in Bangladesh. The licensing and operational standards for security organizations are outlined in this law.

How Do I Obtain A License To Operate A Security Company In Bangladesh?

You must apply for a license from the relevant government agency, usually the Ministry of Home Affairs. Meeting requirements and submitting the required paperwork are part of the procedure.

What Qualifications And Training Should Security Guards In Bangladesh Have?

Security guards should have a minimum educational background, typically a high school diploma. They should also receive pieces of training in security procedures, first aid, and fire safety.


Protection of the valuable assets of a company and the lives of the people working under it should be the foremost target of every company owner. Employees tend to stay longer and work in peace when they get assurance of their safety.

Hiring a security guard automatically promises minimum safety. Before joining an office, every individual will first look at its security system. Having a security guard is visual proof that the company is aware of its safety concerns.

To get the best security guard service, you can always contact Sentry Security Service Limited.

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