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VIPs, parliament members, government officials, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals require specialized protection due to the risks that come with their status, affiliation, profession, or net worth. Sentry Security Services Ltd. protects such high-risk individuals from financial, reputational, and, most importantly, physical harm through advanced planning and strategic risk assessment.

Our executive protection goes beyond simply providing protection to these individuals while in transit. Starting from screening residences, destinations, vehicles, acquaintances, and meals, we take care of all kinds of potential security threats high-profile individuals may be vulnerable to. 

For movement and transportation, we protect our clients on all possible routes, such as airport to hotel, hotel to workplace, workplace to hotel, hotel to airport, etc. While in transit, we provide dedicated vehicles to our clients. As per our client’s needs, we arrange double-cabined, brand-new, and bullet-proof vehicles to ensure maximum security. 

Our VIP protocol team consists of very specialized skilled personnel. All the members of this team are specifically trained to provide protection to important individuals. We have a proven track record of providing protocol to The Honorable Prime Minister, The Honorable President, and parliament members. Among our other achievements, we are called in to provide executive protection to foreign officials, ambassadors, MNC CEOs and CFOs, global corporate leaders and their teams, international performers, and sports teams on a regular basis. 

We are highly experienced in providing the utmost protection to our clients during times of crisis. During the Holy Artisan Attack, we successfully secured 250 US citizens living in the vicinity.

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