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Choose the Right Physical Security Company in Bangladesh

Choose the Right Physical Security Company

It is customary to have safety concerns about your home, business, company, or organization. Security shall be our top priority since the increased level of crime is becoming more prevalent in Bangladesh. 

People need security for valuables, and even for every small thing that matters. 

We understand your security issue. Aren’t we all on the same page? Striving to find the right security solution? Today, we will mention the top eight security service companies in Bangladesh. 

To help you better, we will share each company’s address and contact details with you. It should be much easier for you to choose the right physical security company in Bangladesh.

Physical Security in a Nutshell

Before we jump for the companies, we should first understand what it is and what purpose it serves. 

The Necessity

Physical security refers to the safeguarding of anything. 

  • It could be for your home and your family members. 
  • It could be for your organization and its protection of assets, resources, employees, and other physical elements. 

Physical security ensures safety with measures. This service works for adopting surveillance cameras, hiring security personnel, implementing security alarm systems, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, perimeter Security helps you protect your outer boundary. It also involves hand safety tools such as CCTV cameras, security sensors, professional security guards, etc. 

Key Elements To Look For

An effective security system always relies on a set of elements. While choosing the right physical security company, check on every single point below:

Control of AccessEntry restrictions to unauthorized data or humans 
TrackingOffers ongoing observation and tracking 
Safety ProtocolHaving a set of safety guidelines
Threat DetectionEasy detection of occurring threats 
Emergency Response Preplanned emergency measures

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Why Do You Need Physical Security?

Simply put, your life won’t be at stake while the company takes responsibility to give you security. Let’s find out the major reasons you need a best physical security company.

Natural Disasters

Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. So it’s always better to have something planned out to face those challenges. 


There is no way you can forget the terrifying Holy Artisan terrorist attack. That night left all the citizens sleepless as the brutality shook the entire nation.

To prevent such extreme acts, you must ensure the security of your organization or company. It’s always better to be safe than feel sorry later! 

Cybersecurity Threat 

The advancement of technology also encompasses negative sides. The more modern the technology world gets, the more new techniques of cyber security threats emerge. 

If you want to get away from internet security threats, you better adopt some security measures as fast as you can. 

Top Eight Physical Security Companies in Bangladesh 

In this chapter, we will share the leading security companies while providing you with their contact details:

1. Sentry Security Services Ltd 

Sentry Security Services

Sentry Security Services Ltd is one of the smartest security solution services in Bangladesh. They work unified and share a handful of services depending on the needs of the individuals or a company. 

This company is always a step ahead of any potential threat. They deliver quick and clear information and ensure necessary precautions to avoid security issues. 

Find out the details of physical security services from them here.

Address: House- 9/A, Road- 1, Vasha Shoinik Dr. Golam Moula Sharak, Dhaka 1205

Phone: 01778-111222

2. Safeco Security Services

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Ltd

Safeco Security Service is one of the best-renowned security service providers in Bangladesh. With their fifteen years of work experience, the company strives to give the best possible service that meets your needs. 

Safeco however is a 24-7 security service company. Its fundamental focus is to improve the quality of the company and gain the trust of ordinary citizens. 

Address: Ka-25 Shahid Abdul Aziz Road, Dhaka 1229

Phone: 01911-307326

3. G4S Bangladesh

Group 4 Securicor (G4S)

G4S is the top provider of security solutions worldwide with amazing security solutions. They protect your businesses/organizations and guard them from possible threats and hazards.

This security company has over 23 years of experience and devoted security specialists working for them to protect our Bangladeshi clients. 

They have more than fifteen branches in Bangladesh providing a variety of services, including emergency response, event security management, security surveys, and manned guarding.

Address: G4S, Dhaka House, 22 Pragati Sarani, Dhaka 1212

Phone: 02-9887316

4. Max Secure 

Max Secure is a top-notch security firm with cutting-edge client-driven solutions. They deliver fast security services while never compromising safety. 

Today Bangladesh and its people are well aware of the security of their organization or company. To ensure that, they don’t hesitate or rethink investing in the security service. 

Thanks to Max Security for their quality-based service you can always rely on their solutions. 

Address: House-16 Road No 6/A, Dhaka 1230

Phone: 01618-900010

5. Elite Security Services Limited

Elite Security Services Limited

Almost 24 years ago, in 1999 Brigadier General Sharif Aziz founded Elite Force with just 36 guards divided among three groups. Since then, they have always remained sincere and consistent with their service. 

As you can observe, the level of security attacks is increasing day by day. To prevent that from happening to your company, you can always choose Elite Security Force for your best security solutions. 

Address: House No. 3, Road No. 6A, Block J, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212

Phone: +8802222285141,+88028835342,+88028835354

6. Security 360 Limited 

Security 360 Limited

Security 360 Limited is one of the best security service provider companies in Bangladesh Run by a group of skilled, motivated, and experienced security professionals. 

It is an integrated security service and facilities service provider.

Address: Road # 3, House # 6 Baridhara J Block, Dhaka 1212

Phone: 01893-360360

7. 24 Force Security Service 

24 Force Security Service 

24 Security Service Limited was created in 2013. The team members of this security company include some former military officers. 

The company tries to provide the best solutions for their clients and ensures their service best meets their needs. 

Address: 20/8, Parbortinagor, Thanaroad, Dhaka, Savar-1340

Phone: +8801318237556

8. Orion Security Services Limited

Orion Security Services Limited

Orion is a well-known security provider organization with 13 years of security solution excellence. It has remained one of the best private security firms in Bangladesh by expanding and demonstrating professionalism, tenacity, and high moral standards.

Currently, over 5500 people work for multinational corporations, banks, international assistance groups, and business entities. It is present in 61 districts across Bangladesh and has four regional offices.

With its popularity and excellence, it won the hearts of millions with the best security solutions. 

Address: Plot-38 Rabindra Sarani, Dhaka 1230

Phone: 01788-993030

Physical Security Company: Benefits and Importance 

Choosing the right security solution is very important for your company or home. If you are going to establish strong security in your entity, make sure to go for the right security company. 

No matter how big of a company you own. Nobody will want to step into your space in a hazardous environment. 

To assure your employees and guests that they are in safe hands, these are the benefits why you should choose the correct company based on your needs:

Protection Against Inconvenience

Safety ensuring the company’s main target is to detect and mitigate any potential threat. They work against vandalism, terrorism, theft, and cyber-attacking issues.  

Secured Information 

We live in a modern era where we have to rely on our devices to get most of our work done. Normally, devices like our computers, laptops or mobile phones carry confidential information and files of our company.

Think about those things trapped in the wrong hands. Security companies are always there to rescue you from such a situation. 

24/7 Solution 

Some security companies provide 24-7 security services. It doesn’t really matter anymore if it’s so late at night or too early at dawn. Some security service providers always remain wide-eyed awake to make sure you can have a peaceful night. 

Smart Spending on Security

Establishing a reasonable budget is essential before you start working with a physical security provider. Take into account long-term costs such as hiring personnel, maintenance, and technological advancements. 

To avoid going overboard, make sure your budget is in line with your risk tolerance and security requirements. 

However, before engaging a security company, consider these factors:

  • Know your needs and narrow down your choices that save both your pocket and security. 
  • Long-term cost calculation is needed to avoid unnecessary investment. 
  • Set a budget that your entity needs. Don’t overspend on security. 
  • Track down your organization’s main risk factors. And choose the best security solution company that can manage and fight those risks.
  • Save yourself from scammers. There are many security services you can find both online and offline. Make sure you are not relying on fraud. 

Contractual Consideration 

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements or SLAs are necessary to ensure a safe working environment. It is basically the contract between an organization and a physical security service provider company.

It is essential to establish necessary agreements for timely response and actions. SLAs especially outline the needs, expectations, and responsibilities of a security company that needs to meet the company’s requirements. 

Liability and Insurance 

The contract’s liability and insurance provisions specify each party’s legal and monetary obligations in the event of losses, accidents, or security problems. Clearly defining the insurance coverage’s scope and liability limitations is crucial.

By protecting the customer and the security firm from any legal issues and financial losses, this part promotes a more open and safe working relationship. 

Termination Strategy 

This term addresses the ways of ending an agreement between your company and a security service provider. 

For instance, you no longer need the safety measure acts from the security company you are engaged with, The Exit and Termination strategy ensures that the process takes place smoothly without harming both parties. 

If you want to change your organization’s security provider company, having a well-defined exit strategy will ensure a smooth transition. 

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To put some final words, you by now should understand why choosing the correct physical security company is important. 

In this entire essay, we have so far tried to cover every crucial aspect of this matter. Mainly focusing on the materials to make sure your selection is absolutely right.

With time, Bangladesh is becoming more prone to digital security attacks. Not only that, the problem goes way beyond that. To make things easier for you, we have provided information about some of the reliable companies. 

At the same time you choose your security pack, proper investment and threat detection also play a vital role.

Overall we hope this was helpful enough to get some worries off your head.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Physical Security Company? 

A physical security company is a specific institution working to protect any entity from harm like natural disasters, vandalism, and cyber attacks.

What is a Service Level Agreement? 

SLA is basically a contract between an entity and its security service provider. SLA is important to collect the best-expected service. 

What is the Termination Strategy?

In other words, the exit strategy is a way of ending the contract between your company and the security service provider company.

How to know if I’m choosing the right company?

The best way to do that is to navigate through its history and experiences. Or if possible, ask someone who keeps knowledge on this matter.

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