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Sentry Security Service Ltd. provides one of the best physical security guard services in the country. We don’t simply provide a group of security guards to our clients, rather we offer a full-scale security guard set-up. This service includes the deployment of both armed and unarmed guards, security managers, supervisors, shift in-charges, and chief security officers.

physical security service

We are your one-call solution for professional, trained and customized security service:

As per our client’s needs and requirements, we provide an adequate number of security guards to protect their properties and establishments.Every security professional we hire undergoes a detailed screening process, including medical check-ups, fitness tests, academic background checks, and criminal record checks. 

SSSL has three categories of guards for the clients to choose from: Premium, General, and Ordinary. Before their deployment, we provide 1-4 week-long training programs depending on the guards’ category.

Premium: Highly-skilled guards with years of experience | Great communication skills | Received specialized training 
General: Adequately experienced | Decent communication skills | Received specialized training
Ordinary: Newcomers with great potential | Good communication skills | Received specialized training.

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