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Security Services in Baridhara

Let’s look at the following chart

According to a paper on trend analysis of crime in Bangladesh, Dhaka has the biggest crime rate.

While Dhaka is on the dangerous segment, Baridhara falls into the risky zone as well.

Though Baridhara is a bit safer than the rest of the areas in Dhaka, people often face burglary, snatching, theft, and pickpocketing as well.

We are strongly equipped with a 5000+ workforce in Sentry Security Service Limited. We firmly believe that corporate security and personal security require way more than just dedicated security personnel.

What Can You Expect From SSSL?

Have A Look At Our Security Services In Baridhara Area


Electronic Security Access System

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Face Detection
  • Biometric Control


Surveillance System

  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Body-worn Camera
  • Software-based Video analytics
Vehicle Monitoring
  • IVMS


Security Screening System

  • Archway metal detector
  • Luggage scanner
  • UVSS


Fire Safety 

  • Fire detection and controller system
  • Heat detector
  • Fire alarm break glass
  • Fire Extinguisher 

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