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While hiring a new recruit or a contractor, verifying the information provided by the candidates is crucial. With a thorough background check and contractor due diligence, organizations can avoid many problems that may occur in the future. Detailed background checks can identify major red flags that may have been overlooked during the interview.

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Sentry Security Services Ltd. is a leading provider of comprehensive background verification services for new recruits and contractor due diligence. We understand that it is essential to have trustworthy and reliable employees, which is why we conduct extensive background checks to help organizations make informed decisions.

Our background verification services are available for new recruits and contractor due diligence. Whether hiring for a new position or onboarding a new contractor, our services ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

We cover a wide range of checks, including academic qualifications, criminal records (police record), residential address, past residential address of 3-5 years, professional track record, passport and NID, document authenticity, previous employer records, and references. We leave no stone unturned in verifying the information provided by the candidate.

At Sentry Security Services Ltd., we take information protection seriously. All the checks are conducted by well-trained security professionals, verifying all items physically and organizationally. We maintain a strict policy of non-disclosure and work through signed NDAs with the respective organizations. Our methods comply with the legal and ethical requirements of background verification checks.

Our background verification services are designed to be fast and efficient. We can complete most background verification checks within 3-7 days, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions quickly.

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