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Security Services in Gulshan

Introducing Sentry Security Service Limited: Your Protective Ally

From the crime index, we can see that people are constantly getting worried about getting robbed or mugged in Dhaka. The number is surprisingly high at 66.49.

Security services in Gulshan

Are you looking for security services in Gulshan? Gulshan being one of the fanciest areas, has higher crime rates as well. 

From larger residential to infamous businesses, you will find all the high-end luxuries in this area. 

The flip side of the coin is, that the possibility of unwanted snatching, robbery, and burglary is also high in this area. 

With a massive population of 12 lacs, Gulshan once had the maximum smuggling and theft rate. 

Just to make your life in Gulshan more secure and more restorative, Sentry Security Service Limited is working relentlessly.  

In the aristocratic Gulshan area, we are providing:

  • Cash in transit
  • Executive Protection
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment 
  • Physical security service
  • Security consultancy
  • Security system installation and maintenance

We are also providing 14+ categorized security services in your area. 

Consider Sentry Security Service Limited

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SSSL is proudly providing security services to all over Dhaka. 

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