Deputy Managing Director Message


This is retired Brigadier General Mohammad Mahbubul Alam, the Deputy Managing Director of Sentry Security Services Limited, or SSSL in short. Alhamdulillah, within a short span of 27 years and 7 months, SSSL has made its mark on the private security industry of the country. It’s a privilege to be one of the leading and household names in the private security industry today.

Our exemplary growth and success comes from hard-earned market reputation and goodwill. They don’t come by easily; there is a price tag to it. We have addressed every task, every mission with a professional approach with no compromise with quality, transparency, and moral and ethical standards. We have highly competent and professional teams who take care of our training, operations, and customer relations needs. They are closely supervised by a highly experienced and qualified Senior Management.

We provide a complete range of security services, starting from Guarding Premises, Cash-In-Transit for banks, QRT and QRT patrol, Executive Protection, Risk Assessment, Security Assessment, Situation Updates and Advisories, and Provision of Access Control, Communication, and Security Surveillance Devices. We have and we had the privilege to be Business partners of so many reputed Multinationals, Diplomatic Missions, UN Bodies, Banks, Telecommunication Companies, Corporate Business Houses, and Factories and Industries.

We have our footprints in all 64 districts of the country. Our Branch offices operate in 8 regions across the country, which roughly overlap with the eight administrative divisions we have. The regional offices serve as regional hubs and they are equipped with sufficient resources for operational supervision, training, and quick reinforcement or response to meet any emergency within the regions. At the capital, however, we have our Corporate office in Dhanmondi, which has an in-house training facility, Quick Response Teams with QRT vehicles, a call center, and a 24/7 operational Security Control Room. Besides, we also have two separate sub-offices, a training facility, and a guard house in the City.

Meeting the highly demanding requirements and timelines of the Business partners in a highly competitive world is a challenging affair. So far so good, and we now look forward to take our business further ahead, not only to be number one in the country but to go beyond the national boundaries. We are very optimistic, have long-term plans, and formed a great team to materialize our dreams. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to our esteemed business partners, well-wishers, and our hard-working employees who are spread all over the country for their great support. May Allah bless us all and may you have a good day.


Managing Director and CEO
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