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You Will Be Surprised To Know

Research conducted by Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology shows that the crime rate is around 0.92 in Uttara. According to this research, Uttara comes second in the crime rates.

security services in Uttara

Also, Do you remember the teen gang culture from 2017? It started from Uttara!

Sounds scary, right? 

With 18 long sectors, Uttara is one of the broader places in Dhaka. Also, Uttara is a bit distant from the other places. 

Sentry Security Service Limited is actively working to make the Uttara area safe and secure. For around 29 years, we have been making positive changes for security concerns. 

What Are We Offering:

  • Security consultancy
  • Physical security service
  • Security guard service
  • Event and incident management

We also offer We also offer 15+ more security services just for your convenience! just for your convenience!

How Is SSSL Helping People In Uttara For Security?

According to citypopulations data, around 25,701 people live per kilometer in Uttara. 

We understand that:

  • Security is a major issue in crowded people
  • Personal and organizational security work in different ways
  • A perfect vehicle monitoring system is extremely important nowadays. 
  • Only the experts can provide you with the best security

We have been in the security service business for a long time. In this brief period, we have seen the changes in the security concerns. 

With the changes in security needs, we have changed our strategy and technologies as well.

Consult with us today to handle all security guard services in Uttara area for you and your organization.

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