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Types of Security Guards: From Residential to Corporate Security

types of security guards

There are a lot of dangers and threats that businesses encounter all year round. So, most large and small organizations currently require security guards. What are the duties of a security guard? 

Different types of security guard services remain constant no matter where they are in the globe. They are responsible for keeping an eye out for, reporting, and countering any security breach to keep assets safe. Today, every nation employs more than a million guards to ensure the safety of its citizens and their possessions.

Many people continue to assume that all its services are identical despite its massive size. However, this misunderstanding needs to be corrected! Security guard services come in a variety of forms, and some are more appropriate than others.

We’ll go through all the types of security guards in this article.

Types Of Security Guards (Explained)

Security guards ensure that neighborhoods and people are safe in many fields, such as shopping, educational institutions, public relations, information technology, and government. By learning a lot about security procedures, monitoring gear, and paying close attention to details, these people can stop crimes and make safety rules better. 

By reading on, let’s see the main ways that security guards are different and their jobs.

1. Government-Contracted Security Guard

The government often employs armed and highly trained security guards, such as SSF and SSPB. These security guards are deployed to protect Bangladesh’s President and Prime Minister and other designated persons as VVIPs, including foreign dignitaries visiting our country. 

Protecting high-profile individuals’ homes, workplaces, and event spaces is also their duty. They collaborate with the President Security Regiment, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), Special Branch, and Special Security Force.

A “clean” criminal record is one of the most essential requirements for employment as a government security officer, along with the usual industry skills. Potential applicants with criminal history are often rejected.

2. In-house security Guards and Officers

Another name for in-house safety officers is proprietary guard. Companies and corporations in need of protection engage these professionals on an individual basis. They have not been hired via a middleman. Companies that employ in-house guards pay them, and they are expected to follow the company’s policies and procedures.

Types of businesses that could use in-house security guards:

  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Construction Sites
  • Office Buildings 
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Residential Communities

3. Contractual Private Security Guards

Most security guards fall under this group. Security firms that operate under contract use private security personnel. When clients work with a security service, the agency assigns the most suitable security personnel to each customer.

It is also possible for some of the customers of private security services to engage security personnel to work inside their own workplaces. Outsourcing the service to a local security business is often more efficient and more accessible than hiring internally.

Options for a Private Security Guard

When looking to hire a private security firm, companies have a few choices. The following are some of the security officer services that the majority of agencies offer:

1. Unarmed Security Officer

The term “unarmed security guard” describes a security guard who does not carry a weapon. They have made a tangible appearance on a commercial or residential site. They cover all bases, monitor the safety systems, and deal with emergencies in a flash.

 The presence of the guards, even without weapons, is sufficient to ward off intruders and criminals. The duties of an unarmed security guard include keeping an eye on things, patrolling the area, controlling access, enforcing policies, searching individuals, and discouraging criminal activity. Armed security forces make up less than 20% of the global workforce.

The training required for unarmed security guards is usually minimal, and they are not allowed to carry guns. The following are the ranks of unarmed security guards.

2. Watchman

As a beginning security officer, a watchman must closely monitor a single spot. As they have minimal training in self-defense, they can defend themselves and their surroundings. 

3. Security Guard

A security guard’s position is intermediate between that of a watchman and an entry-level one. Although their responsibilities are more extensive, security guards are not required to carry guns for self-defense. 

4. Armed Security

When a more robust security presence is required, armed guards are sent in. Businesses and properties in high-crime areas or other areas where people’s lives are in imminent danger often employ the services of armed security guards.

They bring deadly weapons and likely concealed weapons to the construction site. If they want to legally carry a handgun on the job as an armed guard, they have to go through extra training and get a certification from the state. 

Many armed security guards have backgrounds in the military or the police, which gives them the necessary skills to use firearms safely and effectively. Companies that deal in valuable items or services often employ armed security guards.

Possible beneficial organizations for armed guards:

  • Banking Organizations
  • Universities 
  • Hotels
  • Art Galleries and Museums 
  • Currency Exchange
  • Retail Jewelry Stores
  • Any establishments situated in high-crime zones 

5. Bodyguards

A person’s appointed personal security detail consists of these individuals. Their primary function is to protect the lives of high-profile individuals, including politicians, dignitaries, celebrities, and HNIs. These bodyguards often have weapons and extensive training. Personal protection agents are another name for them.

6. Surveillance Officer

Before dispatching workers to a client’s site, private security companies educate them on how to use video surveillance strategies and gear. Operators may work along with other security personnel to review recorded videos, keep tabs on activities, and keep an eye on things. 

Several companies have installed security cameras inside and outside their buildings as a preventative measure against theft and other forms of criminal behavior.

CCTV mostly watches over things, so it works in a low-risk setting. But it has to notice a big problem that affects how the business runs.

7. Mobile Security Officer

To ensure the safety of a facility’s facilities, mobile security supervisors drive about in vehicles. Parking and road restrictions are enforced, improper actions are deterred, and suspicious conduct is investigated. 

To get this job, you need to be a good driver with experience as a security guard. Businesses, schools, and airports employ these people to keep the parking lots and interconnecting roadways safe. Those in charge of mobile security may also serve as mentors or instructors to less experienced guards. They may thrive with a solid grasp of leadership, communication, and security.

8. Event Security Officers

Because they are at the forefront of the industry, security personnel for events guards are, without a doubt, the most well-known job. Concerts, athletic events, and business conferences often rely on them to keep the crowds under control and the peace.

In addition to keeping people from entering the venue with prohibited items, the event security guard must ensure they remain within the designated zones. Their presence may be used to defuse or avert violent altercations, especially in situations involving excessive alcohol consumption or intense emotions.

Why Do You Need Private Security Services?

The valuable assets of business and individual property owners are vulnerable to a wide range of dangers and threats. You may rest easy after investing in security services. 

Your security staff may alleviate some pressure by checking for questionable activity and promptly filing security reports.

In the event of a significant security breach, this preparation may save the day and give visitors the peace of mind they need.

There is a wide range of expertise and experience among professional security guards. What follows is an overview of the most fundamental services that a security guard may provide.

Deciding After Careful Consideration

If you want to choose the best security company, it helps to know different types of security officers are available. No matter the occasion, a certain kind of security personnel is ideal for protecting a company, an event, or an individual.

The security business provides many services. However, more people need to learn how important they are for their personal or company needs. 

Be flexible and open to new ideas when you search for security guard services in Bangladesh. There may be options that better suit your requirements and objectives.

Your individual requirements will dictate the best kind of security guard to hire. Think about how dangerous things may be, what kind of property or person needs protection, and what kinds of dangers could be there.

In very dangerous circumstances, security officers with guns hired by the government may be required. 

Security personnel without weapons or video monitoring technology may be enough in low-risk scenarios.

Can I Hire a Security Guard from a security company In Bangladesh?

Are you in need of a security guard for a discreet position at your home, place of business, or other location? 

You may find different options. But that’s only scratching the surface of what Sentry Security Services Ltd. can achieve for you.

We take the protection of our clients and the public very seriously. And that is why we are considered one of Bangladesh’s top private security firms.

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Summing Up | Types of Security Guards

Different types of security guards come up with a wide array of services. However, many individuals need to realize how crucial they are for their own needs or those of their businesses. The next time you research local security guard companies, remember that you can find a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements. But, for the best of the best services, choose a leading one like SSSL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Highest Level Of Security Guard?

Commander, Chief, or Leader is the most senior post available. All of an organization’s security guards report to the leader or commander.

What Is A Security Guard’s Duty?

Patrolling the site, monitoring surveillance equipment, and checking buildings and equipment are common responsibilities of security guards. As part of their job, security guards are also responsible for controlling access to certain areas.

Which Security Guards Are The Most Common?

As a general rule, security guards may be either state-employed, contracted, or personal.

How Do Uniformed And Plain clothed Security Personnel Vary From One Another?

Protecting your property with uniformed security personnel makes your efforts more noticeable and authoritative, which discourages would-be intruders. Conversely, plainclothes guards might be hard at work in the background, making sure everything runs well.

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