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Sentry Security Services Ltd. understands the need to monitor and track security personnel and activities properly. We have developed an advanced tracking system to ensure the highest security service quality.

e tracking system

Our in-house team has developed this cutting-edge technology that enables our security control room to track and monitor the security personnel working for our clients. It can track each and every security personnel’s daily activity. This includes sign-in and sign-off time, patrolling route, patrolling time, and much more. The system is remotely accessible from our control room, allowing us to monitor all the activities in real time.

Our tracking system is equipped with personnel validation and verification tools, ensuring only authorized individuals can access restricted areas. This advanced system has been designed to give you peace of mind and provide an extra layer of security for your event or property.

At Sentry Security Services Ltd., we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. All kinds of maintenance and technical issues associated with our e-tracking system are dealt with by our in-house programmers. We are available to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

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