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Security Guard Services in Dhaka

Protecting corporations, individuals, and organizations for 28 years! 

Did You know?

According to DMP’s official website, there were a total of 1102 enlisted criminal cases just in June 2023!

security guard service in Dhaka

The crime rates and unwanted situations in our beloved Dhaka have risen significantly. The consequences are quite terrible. 

Do These Following Situations Make You Worried?

Sentry Security Service Limited understands your concerns. We are proudly providing specialized security guard services in Dhaka. Since 1995 we have been helping people to have proper security in needed situations. 

For physical security guard services for your organization, contact us today.

Our High-end Security Guard Services and Solutions In Dhaka

We provide physical security guard services in Dhaka to protect your organization, properties, and establishments.

Our service includes the deployment of both armed and unarmed guards, security managers, supervisors, shift in-charges, and chief security officers.

Our security guard service in Dhaka also offers solutions like-

How Are We Helping People For 28 Years?

Dhaka is a populated city. 

According to the World Population Review, around 23,209,616 people are living in Dhaka currently. 

Sentry Security Service Limited is dedicatedly working for individual and organizational security. As time has passed, our security technologies and  strategies have evolved gradually. 

For the best security guard services for your organization in Dhaka, contact us now.

In case you are wondering, we are currently providing 8 categories of high-end security solutions.  Currently, our 5000+ workforce is dedicatedly working for a safer Dhaka. 

We found out that different areas require different kinds of security services in Dhaka. 

Know More about our services in different areas in-

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