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Security System Installation And Maintenance

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You need an advanced security system with the latest technology to protect your home, office, or business against security threats like burglary, robbery, or intrusion. Sentry Security Services Ltd. provides state-of-the-art security system installation and maintenance services for commercial and residential properties.
Security System Installation

Our security system installation and maintenance service provides all kinds of security equipment and technology to protect you and your property. We provide CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, PA systems, guard tour monitoring systems, walkie-talkies, walkthrough metal detectors, luggage scanners, body-on-cameras, thermal printers, mail scanners, vehicle barriers, fire alarm systems, and other equipment and technology as per your needs. 

Apart from the equipment, we also provide you with the software necessary for security maintenance and surveillance. With our services, you can get security alerts on your phone via text messages. You can also check your property’s CCTV footage and live feed on your smartphone while you are away. 

We take the quality control of our client’s security system very seriously. If you decide to work with us, your security system maintenance will be performed by technicians with years of experience under their belt. Our independent technical department for security system maintenance is led by technical managers with professional and technical degrees. 

We provide security system installation and maintenance on both a short-term and long-term basis. If necessary, we can protect your home while you are on vacation.

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