Managing Director Message


This is Mohammad Hasanul Islam, the Managing Director of Sentry Security Services Limited or SSSL in short. We began our journey on December 18, 1995, and within a span of about three decades, the SSSL today, became a success story. SENTRY is a trusted name, and is privileged to be one of the oldest and leading companies in the private security industry of Bangladesh.

Our MISSION is to provide quality security services to International, Multinational, and National entities based on Digitalized Solution, Customized Training and Ethical Business Practices.

Our Vision is to become the Industry Leader in the country and to become a Multinational Company by expanding our business beyond the national boundaries to South Asia, South-East
Asia and the Middle-East regions.

Our Philosophy is- Business is not merely fulfilling the requirements of the business partners or making profit, but also giving due importance to our moral and social obligations such as Ethical
practices, taking care of the humanitarian, health and  environmental needs of our employees, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We provide all types of security services to our valued business partners. Our consistent success and growth became possible because we never compromise our QUALITY, COMMITMENT, and
TRANSPARENCY. We update ourselves continuously with changing technology, management tools, security scenarios, and market dynamics. We pioneered in developing and using mobile App based software for monitoring and tracking our security personnel in the field. We maintain utmost transparency in our operations. Everything we deal with is ERP based, all transactions go through banks or mobile banking channel, and we keep things as digitized as possible.

No wonder, many of the reputed Multinational Companies, Diplomatic Missions, UN Bodies, International NGOs, Banks, Telecom Service Providers, Power Plants, National Corporate Bodies, Factories and Industries rely on us to provide them with security services. Despite providing job opportunities to so many people, we never overlooked the humanitarian needs of our employees; sometimes more than what the law permits. We are fully compliant with the Labor and other laws that apply to us, and have maintained DIFE license.

I take the pleasure to express my deep gratitude and thanks to all our esteemed business partners, well-wishers, and our employees for their enormous support. Have a Good day!

Md. Hasanul Islam

Managing Director and CEO
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