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7 Tips On Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties

security guard services for industrial properties

Industrial properties are mostly full of valuable assets, hazardous materials, and employees. Appointing the right security guard services for industrial property should be their indispensable investment. 

Well-trained guards act as an effective warning against theft and trespassing As they monitor sites for threats. They will have access to your manufacturing plant, warehouse, or factory. So, you must hire a reliable one from a reputable company.

Besides, while appointing them you should have some factors to consider like proper licensing, experience securing industrial sites, effective hiring practices, advanced training procedures, and integration of surveillance technology. 

However, we can make your task of selecting a commercial security guard service easier and more successful. Today, we will discuss all the facts you need to know for appointing security guard services for industrial assets. So, keep reading till the end.

Tips on Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties

Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties is a mandatory need for protecting industrial assets and ensuring employee safety. In this case, hiring professional security guards is the most effective way to reduce the risk of crime and also ensure proper facility management

Besides, you can be sincere from your own place as the management or the in-charge. Here are some potent tips that will help you ensure a security system that is as strong as ox.

1. Clearly Define Your Security Needs

Whether you hire a security company or make your own plan for the Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties , you should first make your needs clear. You need to have a clear idea of exactly what measure you should establish for Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties.

You need 24/7 protection, mobile patrols, access control, and video monitoring. Outline the coverage and services required so guards are clear on their duties. The list of your needs will certainly help you make a proper security plan for the place.

2. Check Credentials and Licensing

You should verify the security company and individual guards properly. Make sure that they are properly licensed in your state or municipality. They should carry all required permits and insurance. 

You can also ask about staff screening and training procedures as well. Besides, you should try background checks before you appoint them for the security of the place.

3. Interview Services Thoroughly

Don’t just choose the cheapest bid. Try to meet with representatives, and ask about their experience with industrial sites, vet hiring, and training protocols. You should confirm their employment systems for monitoring guard performance are reliable. 

In this case, personally interviewing the guards and staff can be a good way. You can ask them about what they would do in different situations while checking their qualification and experience certificates.

4. Establish Clear Protocols

You should clear the guard response procedures for different scenarios from petty theft to fire. Different facility access policies like ID checking rules can help in this case. 

You can also set expectations for proactive patrolling and regular communication with management. Besides, you can make your own customized rules for security measures and make the guard aware of the rules and follow them.

5. Use a Combination of Stationary and Mobile Patrols

For large industrial properties, a combination of mobile patrols and stationary guards is a great way to ensure strong security. Stationary guards provide access control and keep watch at fixed posts. 

On the other hand, mobile guards regularly walk or drive around the property, checking perimeters and isolated areas. The combination prevents predictable gaps in coverage.

6. Integrate Different Tech Aids 

Technology like security cameras, motion sensors, and perimeter alarms that can assist guards and boost coverage. When you use manpower with technology together, the security measures will be even stronger.

So, make sure your provider integrates these technologies for more comprehensive protection. Here, you should check whether the staff is skilled in operating those devices or not.

7. Schedule Regular Check-ins

You should meet with the service weekly or monthly to review reports, address issues, assess gaps, and adjust protocols. It will make sure that no sides are ignored. 

Try to be clear with guards about policies and expectations. Also, you should provide feedback so they can constantly improve performance. This effort will even keep the guards alert all the time.

Choosing the right commercial security guard services for your needs takes research and diligence. But professional, well-trained security guards can prove invaluable for industrial site safety. 

Following these industrial security tips will help secure your property and protect what matters most – your people, assets, and operations.

Importance of Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties

Industrial properties like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants have unique security risks that require professional guard services. When you assign the task to a professional company they will ensure effective commercial Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties.

Here are some reasons why professional security guard services are so important for these types of facilities:

1. Deter Theft

Expensive equipment, inventory, and raw materials can be targets for theft. Guards act as a deterrent and prevent crimes of opportunity. They can look after the coverage area to identify potential thieves and work as the live warning.

2. Prevent Trespassing

Guards monitor access points and keep unauthorized individuals off the premises. They patrol the area and ask questions to the doubtful people. Thus, they help reduce vandalism and mischief.

3. Enforce Safety Rules

Professional security staff ensure the plantations of the safety rules all over the area. They also ensure that equipment is properly used to prevent workplace accidents.

4. Provide Access Control

Security guards also manage the entry points and check IDs. They try to maintain control over who can enter and exit the property. As a result, the area will be much safer and only authorized people can be there.

5. Secure Sensitive Areas

Areas like labs, computer servers, and hazardous material storage require extra protection that guards can provide. In these sensitive areas, security guards work even better.

6. Respond to Incidents

Guards are on-site to respond to spills, injuries, fires, or other emergencies until first responders arrive. So, for any kind of disaster, these guards can be effective people to manage the incident and reduce loss.

7. Monitor Traffic Flow

They direct vehicle and human traffic to keep operations running smoothly. It can help the entry point clean and ensure that only vehicles with permitted people can enter the area. They ensure regular foot and vehicle patrols to protect the perimeters, warehouses, and parking lots. 

So, having professionally trained security personnel to handle these unique risks lets industrial facilities focus on daily operations.

How to Choose the Right Security Service for Industrial Property?

Choosing the right security service is essential for protecting industrial facilities. These guards usually have access to your places, so they should be reliable and skilled. Here are some tips for selecting Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties.

1. Ask Them If They Can Meet Your Security Needs

You should show them all the security needs you are looking for. Be clear if you need 24/7 guards, patrols, and access control. You should ensure that they are skilled and qualified to meet all the security demands of your industrial area.

2. Ensure Proper Licensing and Insurance

You need to verify the provider has up-to-date licenses and adequate general liability and workers’ compensation coverage. Don’t just believe them with their words on the license. Instead, look for their Insurance and license cards as well.

3. Look for Specialized Experience

Just like the license check, you should ask them to show their certificate of experience and qualification to prove their ability. It’s better to look for a provider with substantial experience securing industrial sites similar to yours.

4. Confirm Strong Hiring Practices

Make sure guards are thoroughly vetted through background checks, drug tests, psychological evaluations, etc. You shouldn’t appoint a guard with a complicated background or with no records.

5. Review Training Procedures

Guards should receive extensive site-specific training to handle all emergency scenarios. In this case, you should ask them to show you their certifications of training. Remember that training and experience are not the same thing. Professional training is as important as real-time experience for Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties.

6. Check Their Communication Ability

Guards need essential devices like radios, and phones to stay alert and summon help if needed. So, make sure that the guards are good at communicating faster and efficiently.

7. Test Their Device Management Ability

At your place, there must be different security-based devices like security cameras, alarms, and others. The staff you will hire should know how to use these devices. So, make sure to test their device managing ability so that you can assign them to look after those devices too.

8. Get References

You should also ask for client references and verify the provider’s reputation. A company with years-long experience with good customer reviews is more likely to be reliable.

9. Ensure Regular Supervision

Just appointing the guards isn’t enough. You should make sure that they work properly. For that, there should be site supervisors, audits, and inspections to keep guards focused and accountable.

Hopefully, you will be successful in hiring the best security service for your industrial properties following these ways. You shouldn’t compromise in this case as it’s completely related to the security purpose.

How to Make A Security Plan for Industrial Property?

Besides hiring a reliable security service, you should also develop a strong security plan for the industrial facilities, inventory, and employees. Here are some tips for creating an effective security plan:

  • Identify risks: Identify vulnerabilities, high-value targets, and potential threats for your property to make a proper plan.
  • Customize the protocols: Document detailed procedures for daily operations, emergency response, access control, off-hours security, and oversight.
  • Control access: Issue ID badges, install keycard systems, limit entry/exit points, and screen visitors to restrict access.
  • Install physical barriers: Use perimeter fencing, locking gates, security lighting, bollards, and wired glass to control flow.
  • Employ video surveillance: Strategically place CCTV cameras inside and out to monitor activities and record incidents.
  • Control keys and codes: Issue keys and lock codes only as needed and change them whenever people leave.
  • Restrict sensitive areas: Special measures like extra locks, alarms, and video surveillance should protect critical assets.
  • Plan emergency response: Document procedures for medical emergencies, natural disasters, accidents, and security incidents.

Besides, you should test the plans regularly to make sure that these measures are working properly. Also, you might need to make changes in the plan regularly and add new measures as needed.

In this case, you can make a checklist so that you can follow them while testing the plans. Remember that just making the plans alone is not enough. Indeed, optimizing and integrating them should be your main focus.

Wrapping Up | Security Guard Services for Industrial Properties

Appointing security guard services for industrial property is undoubtedly a must-have, no matter whether it’s a big one or small. Remember that qualified security personnel are essential for identifying risks like theft, vandalism, and hazardous material handling. 

There is no way you can compromise security and commercial property protection. Security of all your assets, goods, and workers can improve productivity and fame. That’s why you should invest in the right security service who are committed to its promises and never compromises with any security measures. If you are in Bangladesh and find it difficult to get such a reliable company, contact Sentry Security Service for the best-ever security service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials should an industrial security company have?

A reliable security company should be licensed in your country. They must carry proper insurance like general liability and workers’ compensation. Besides, they will show you proof of staff’s training and experience.

How can you ensure consistent performance from security guards?

You can ensure the consistent performance of the security guards by regular supervision of guards. You can also conduct audits and inspections for their activity.

How often should security protocols be reviewed?

Ideally, protocols and emergency plans should be reviewed quarterly to identify potential improvements or changes needed. However, you should customize the schedule of protocol review to ensure that your property is in proper protection.

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