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Why Security Guard Service is Important for Businesses?

security guard service for business

As a business owner, it’s your core responsibility to take safeguards for the company’s assets as well as the employees. Due to the heightened property value of any business, criminals target them. 

All you need is to take the necessary steps to put the kibosh on common misdemeanors such as assaults and robberies. The best solution is employing a security guard service for business. 

In the following, we’ll bring to light what are the duties and their advantages. All these discussions will help you to decide on private security guards for hire

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard

There is no scarcity of businesses to choose from when looking for expert security services to protect your company. Consider hiring armed guards from a trusted and well-established security guard agency to safeguard your company and its valuables without breaking the bank.

Tragedies may happen to anybody at any moment, as unfortunate as that may be. Hiring a security guard from a respectable firm who is also highly qualified and experienced will do more than simply keep your business secure.

Hiring security guards may provide the following advantages:

1. Deters Crimes And Ensures Safety 

Offering protection to workers, customers, and assets is a key benefit of business security. Companies may make their workplaces safer places to work and live by installing strict security systems that keep employees and customers safe.

2. Fast Reaction Time

Most notably, security guards eliminate the need for companies to wait for the arrival of police or other forms of law enforcement. On the other hand, security personnel can react instantly and put an end to security issues as they arise. A well-trained security guard may save lives and keep people calm in a potentially deadly circumstance.

3. Provides Sense Of Security 

The presence of security officers in potentially dangerous areas and departments gives workers and employees a sense of safety. That is why they know they can always count on prompt assistance and safety measures, especially in the face of hazardous conditions and possibly dangerous work procedures.

Company owners also report feeling much more at ease because they are more worried about the security of their most precious assets and human resources.

4. Keeps Business Premises Under Surveillance 

Because there is more foot traffic throughout the day and busier hours, the likelihood of thievery and other commercial crimes is naturally reduced. On the other hand, security guards may be useful in areas wherein there are periods of relative calm for businesses.

Additionally, all employees and guards are prepared to respond to any situation and have received firearm training. Some employees even take classes outside of work hours to learn how to monitor, surveil, verify credentials, etc.

5. Enhanced Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

A positive public perception of the company or brand may be built and strengthened when consumers feel safe doing business with the establishment.

Similarly, if your customers feel more at ease while interacting with your company, you may see an uptick in positive feedback and sales.

By creating a safer and more pleasant place to work and connect, a company may make its customers feel more valued.

9 Types Of Security Guards You Will Need 

There are specified categories of commercial security guards to cover different businesses, properties, and residential areas. 

1. Unarmed Guards 

The majority of security personnel do not carry weapons. Both the properties they cover and their assigned tasks are pretty diverse. Many people get their start in the security sector as unarmed guards. 

2. Mobile Guard

Mobile guards would generally drive about a property or properties to keep an eye on everything. You may usually find them in airports, college campuses, corporate campuses, and retail malls. 

A mobile guard has the distinct advantage of a foot guard: they can quickly and easily cover more ground. In addition to serving as a continual deterrent against criminal activity and bad behavior, mobile guards are responsible for enforcing on-site parking and traffic regulations.

3. Armed Guard 

Armed guards need more training to get gun licenses. You could see these armed guards in banks, jewelry shops, and other establishments that keep valuable possessions safe. Guards with arms must be well-versed in the legislation since gun permit procedures are stringent. 

Some would even go so far as to claim that having a firearms permit entails much more ethical, legal, and unprofessional obligations. Additionally, armed guards should only use force lawfully and as a last choice when confronted with an imminent and tangible danger to life. 

4. Residential Guard 

Apartment buildings, homeowner organizations, local neighborhoods, and long-term rentals sometimes ask for security deposits. There has been a recent uptick in vehicle theft, break-ins, and vandalism. Therefore, many areas seek measures to protect their parking garages, roads, and lots. Residential security guards are often involved in community watch operations. 

5. Security for Industrial and Construction Sites

Warehouses, facilities, and building sites are the usual areas covered by these guards. Sites like this often become theft victims due to the great worth of the items, resources, and equipment they hold. Security personnel employed at industrial and construction sites are tasked with keeping an eye on the grounds, locking down tools and equipment, regulating who may enter the site, and keeping the property safe after hours.

A growing number of construction organizations are implementing round-the-clock security measures in response to the alarming increase in metal and equipment theft. 

6. Retail Security

Protecting merchandise from theft or loss is the primary responsibility of retail security personnel. This is accomplished by using security cameras, patrols of areas containing high-value products, loss prevention measures, and investigations into any questionable behavior inside the business. Armed security guards provide an extra layer of protection for high-end luxury and jewelry establishments, as indicated before. 

7. Corporate Guards 

  • Corporate security personnel are responsible for a variety of tasks, including- controlling and managing facility access
  • assisting visitors and employees with entry and leave
  • Monitoring various security systems, alarms, and equipment

8. Event Guards 

When a lot of people convene in one place, it’s common practice to have security guards. Event venues often employ security guards to manage entry, keep the crowd in check, and discourage the kind of hazardous and disruptive conduct common in large gatherings. 

9. Executive Guards 

Prior to traveling or being in a public place, some prominent and high-profile persons are required by law to have security detail watch over them. Famous people, politicians, and other high-ranking individuals often employ executive guards to keep them safe from trolls and other hazards. They also get training to stay out of harm’s way while offering physical protection. 

Role Of A Security Guard

Guards standing in uniforms are common to see in nearly every office, from  

Industrial complex to the corporate workplace. They follow pertinent safety procedures to protect the workplace premises, the people working there, and properties in different locations. Depending on the clientele, security guards may play a number of different responsibilities. 

In most cases, a security guard will be responsible for

  • Enforcing identity verification for workers and preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the workplace without proper credentials
  • Inspecting various areas of the workplace using video surveillance to detect any suspicious behavior
  • Running metal detectors or checking bags as part of security measures
  • Performing regular checks on designated locations
  • Keeping in touch with law enforcement on a local and state level about occurrences and checking for federal and state security compliance.
  • Putting an end to unlawful behavior or apprehending offenders when they discover theft, property damage, or other criminal acts.

For clients in many different sectors with varied security requirements, SSSL offers top-notch safety guard services. 

Here are some of the security solutions in which we excel

  • Physical Security Guard Services in Dhaka
  • Cash-In Transit
  • Brand Protection 
  • Facility Management
  • Executive Protection
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Material Transportation 
  • Visitor Management System
  • Data Management Security Security Consultancy
  • E-Tracking 
  • Security System Installation And Maintenance 
  • Background Verification 
  • Security Training 
  • Event and Incident Management
  • Vehicle Monitoring system 
  • Security Information Analysis And Advisory 
  • Security Contact Room and Security Business SMS

6 Signs Indicating Your Business Requires A Physical Security Guard

1. Concerned About Crime

Has the level of crime in your surrounding area been rising recently? One safety measure to consider is employing a security guard. Criminals are discouraged from engaging in any unlawful actions when there is competent professional security present. 

As a sign of the times, crime rates are on the increase. A security agency may not be able to change people’s minds on societal trends, but it can provide your business with the protection it needs.

2. Steps for Safe Visiting 

As a retail establishment, a major organization, or a commercial retail center, you may want to welcome customers because of the high volume of customers you anticipate. Hiring a security guard is smart for any visiting strategy involving letting guests into restricted areas. 

Keep the bad guys out of your building with the help of security, who are always on the lookout. Intellectual property theft and other valuables may be prevented by using a security guard.

3. Worried About Reaction Time in an Emergency 

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, theft, or other disaster, the security guards can quickly assess the situation and notify the authorities upon their arrival. When faced with an unexpected scenario, an experienced security guard knows just what to do.

5. Potential Vandalism 

Vandals care more about damaging your property than they do about stealing from your company. Vandals are responsible for a wide range of destructive acts, including spray painting and breaking windows. The additional cost may be avoided by hiring a security guard to deter would-be vandals.

6. Concerned About Vandalism and Criminal Activity in Parking Lots 

Criminal activity and vandalism sometimes flourish in big, unsecured parking lots. Parking lot security guards ensure the safety of your property, vehicles, and customers.

7. Seeking to Preserve Private or Sensitive Data 

In the modern world, business spying may have devastating effects. Hiring a professional security guard helps protect your business from trespassers who might steal confidential information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Services Security Companies Provide In General?

The services offered by security guard firms include a wide range of activities, such as monitoring traffic, controlling access, and detecting and preventing theft and fire. Personal and asset protection is the overarching description of these services. 

What Are the Essential Security Services For Your Business?

The following are the essential services to ensure the security and safety of your business-

  • Physical Security Personnel
  • Property Surveillance
  • Access Management System 
  • Cybersecurity 

What Is the Average Cost Of Hiring a Security Guard In Bangladesh?

On average, you have to pay BDT37.50 per hour to hire a physical security guard in Bangladesh. 


You should talk to a security solutions provider like Sentry Security Services Ltd. if your company is going through any of the problems listed above. In Bangladesh, we provide comprehensive security guard services for businesses.

Outsourcing security services is a brilliant decision for your organization. In the absence of sufficient personnel, you may rely on the professionals at SSSL to ensure the safety of your company, property, and other precious possessions. Your staff, company, and customers are well cared for, so you can relax. We are committed to working closely with you throughout the process to fulfill your safety needs.

No security endeavor is too big or too little. No matter where you are, we will be here to help you. With the versatility of having professionally certified security guard people on standby, we can satisfy your business or event protection needs. No matter your location or the nature of your needs, SSSL can provide the results and assurance you need.

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