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Why Need Corporate Security Guard Services

For anyone planning to establish a firm and set up a corporate office, it’s essential to prioritize the hiring of security guards. Even if a particular area seems peaceful and ideal for headquarters, the need for protection remains crucial. 

While businesses might opt for local staff to manage office security, there’s a potential drawback here. These personnel might lack the necessary expertise, skills, and tools to ensure top-level service. This is where security agencies come into play. Let’s explain why it is strongly recommended to enlisting security guards from a professional security agency.

Why Hire Sentry Security Service for Security Guard Services

Sentry Security Services Ltd (SSSL) is a premier private security provider in Bangladesh, established in 1995. Our strong reputation hinges on client satisfaction through skilled management and security experts. Our team of over 5,000 trained professionals operates across all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Our services extend to various sectors including UN bodies, multinational companies, embassies, builders, power plants, hospitals, telecommunications, banking, and retail.  With a focus on Event Management, Executive Protection, and Electronic Security, we’re expanding our presence in the global market, targeting South, Southeast, and Middle-East Asia.

Quality control is deeply rooted in our philosophy and we strive to deliver exceptional security services while upholding professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We consistently enhance training and operational efficiency to ensure asset safety. 

Our principles include comprehensive training for personnel, rigorous recruitment, tailored security solutions, regular quality assessments, continuous improvement, ethical compliance, proactive risk management, and the highest customer satisfaction. 

We consistently invest in training to tackle evolving challenges, maintain strict recruitment standards, and tailor solutions. Our commitment to quality includes regular assessments and proactive risk management. Ethical standards guide us, as we continuously seek improvement and ensure customer satisfaction through transparent communication.

Factors To Consider Before Hiring Such Services

Before finalizing your choice of a security agency to safeguard your corporate organization, there are crucial factors that require careful consideration. These are essential to guarantee that you make the most of the investment in a security agency for worry-free protection. 

Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating a security agent:

Legality & License

Checking the legality of the chosen security agency is crucial. Security agencies must obtain a license to operate legally. This safeguards clients from falling victim to unscrupulous services. Moreover, a reputable agency should readily present all required documentation, attesting to its authorization by the legal system.


Additionally, considering the size of a security agency’s workforce can offer insights into its performance. A larger workforce often indicates that the agency has successfully met client expectations, leading to business growth. Opting for a flourishing company provides a strong sense of confidence and reliability.


While newer security agencies might exist in the industry, it’s crucial to prioritize those backed by experience. Opting for a well-established player in the field holds great significance. Security agencies that have earned a positive reputation have successfully served numerous clients, fulfilling their commitments effectively.

Flexibility To Client’s Needs

Given that no two corporations operate in the exact same way, flexibility becomes essential for security agencies to tailor their services accordingly. To ensure a harmonious partnership, corporations should establish comprehensive guidelines that security agencies must factor into the services they provide.

A security agency’s willingness to compromise indicates its readiness to invest its resources in the corporation’s needs. This commitment often translates into the delivery of top-notch services, as agencies aim to maintain long-term business relationships beyond the contract period.

Adaptability To New Technology

It’s vital for corporations to confirm that security agencies are dedicated to the continuous enhancement of their services and equipment over time. Adapting to industry advancements showcases an agency’s proactive stance, which is crucial for staying effective and up-to-date. 

As new techniques and technologies emerge within the industry, security agencies should be prepared to swiftly integrate these changes into their practices. This ensures that the corporation benefits from the latest security innovations.

Why Need Corporate Security Guard Services?

When it comes to new corporate ventures, owners might assume they can manage everything on their own, especially when the business is still small. However, this perspective overlooks the limited scope of personal protection they can provide. In many countries, individuals are permitted to carry firearms with a valid license. However, having the license on hand is also necessary whenever firearms need to be used.

Moreover, the employees within the corporation are already occupied with daily operations, leaving little time for safeguarding the office against security threats. This diversion of attention can potentially hinder the pursuit of new business opportunities. 

The following list will outline key reasons that underscore the importance of hiring security guard services for every corporation:

Theft & Breach Of Security

One of the primary motivations for corporate organizations to employ security guards is the prevention of theft and other security breaches. Furthermore, opting for security guards from authorized security agencies will give you the assurance that these professionals have received comprehensive training to address a range of potential situations that can arise on any given day.

Security guards sourced from security agencies also possess the necessary permits to carry firearms while on duty. This safeguard ensures that in the event of attempted theft or robbery within the corporate office, these trained security personnel are well-equipped to effectively manage and resolve the situation, offering a high level of protection.

Professionalism & Solidarity

For corporations that welcome customers and guests into their premises, strategically positioning security guards can instill a sense of safety among these individuals during their visit. This assurance of security extends not only to visitors but also encompasses the corporation’s staff and valuable assets.

Moreover, the presence of security guards serves as a visual indicator of the corporation’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment and protecting both its guests and personnel from potential hazards. This display underscores the corporation’s seriousness in daily operations and dedication to averting any potential threats within its premises.

Effective Handling of Threats 

Enlisting security guards from respected agencies guarantees that these professionals possess the aptitude to adeptly manage threats. These guards are equipped with techniques to de-escalate situations, minimizing the escalation of issues.

Well-prepared and skilled corporate security guards are capable of swift and efficient action. They navigate situations with precision, prioritizing non-violent resolutions whenever possible. Their approach seeks to safeguard innocent bystanders from being drawn into any disturbances unfolding on the premises. This level of professionalism ensures a safe environment while upholding a commitment to responsible security practices.

Great Monitoring Expertise for Corporate Offices

In addition to their role in physically securing designated areas, security guards possess the capability to oversee various aspects within a corporate office. They are well-versed in tasks such as monitoring video surveillance, conducting credential verification, and inspecting for prohibited items brought onto the premises.

These security measures are regularly undertaken by guards to proactively forestall any potential safety risks while they are on duty. By extending their vigilance beyond physical presence, security guards contribute to a safer and more controlled office environment.

Always Connected To Local Law Enforcement

Another noteworthy benefit of opting for security guards from established security agencies is their seamless access to local law enforcement, particularly the police, when necessary. These guards are equipped with established communication channels to reach out for immediate assistance should any incidents occur within the corporate office premises. 

This readiness to collaborate with law enforcement ensures a rapid response in critical situations, enhancing overall security measures.

Specialized VIP Protection & Assistance

Within corporations, certain individuals hold special status due to their significance to the business. These high-profile figures may necessitate heightened security measures during their arrivals and departures from the corporate office. Security guards can be designated to fulfill the role of personal bodyguards for such VIPs while they are present on the premises. 

This service can also extend to various other individuals. This includes corporate board members and noteworthy guests such as local celebrities engaged in promotional activities on behalf of the business. By ensuring the safety and security of these prominent individuals, security guards contribute to a smoothly conducted business environment.

Brand Visibility: From A Marketing Point Of View

Security guards can serve as valuable assets in boosting a corporation’s brand recognition. By equipping these guards with promotional materials and attire, corporations can transform them into walking advertisements. 

As visitors pass by or enter the building, this creative marketing approach can capture their attention, effectively piquing interest and generating engagement. This innovative strategy capitalizes on the presence of security guards to create an additional avenue for effective brand awareness.

Stepping In For Customer Service Support

Security guards possess the potential to take on additional responsibilities, including assisting with simple customer service tasks. By acquainting them with various departments across the building, these guards can aid individuals seeking directions within the premises. 

Furthermore, as security guards build tenure with a company, they naturally forge connections with corporate employees. This rapport facilitates smoother interactions and promotes a harmonious atmosphere within the organization. This multifaceted approach to their roles enhances the overall efficiency and congeniality of the company environment.

A Security Company Better Than Hiring Internal Security Staff?

You can always try to save a couple of bucks by hiring an internal security staff. Given the type of company you plan to run it may also be a better move. However, here are a few ways how a guard from a Best security guard company will be better than hiring internally.

Properly Trained Guards

Employing security professionals from a reputable company offers a distinct advantage in terms of training and expertise. These trained guards are well-versed in managing security matters specific to your premises. They respond to potential risks, prevent crimes, conduct interviews, and inspect areas for safety vulnerabilities. They will almost always have essential documentation ready for legal proceedings.

On the other hand, internally hired guards may often lack such documentation. There is no way you can say for sure if someone lies on their resume. 

Minimized Liability Risk

When relying on an internal security team, you shoulder the full responsibility for their actions. This includes potential liabilities and the associated insurance implications. On the contrary, security companies come with their own liability insurance coverage. 

This means that incidents involving the contracted security team are handled by the security company, alleviating you from direct liability. Furthermore, the security agency’s legal defense provisions offer an additional layer of protection.

Time Efficiency and Cost Savings

Building and managing an internal security team is a time-intensive endeavor. Advertising, interviewing, screening, and training demand significant resources. In contrast, partnering with a security company streamlines this process. The company handles recruitment, reduces time spent and reduced expenditure on training and makes them ready for duty.

Beyond salaries, internal security teams incur additional expenses like taxes, benefits, and overtime. In contrast, Best security guard company costs are based on a fixed hourly rate that remains constant throughout the contract, safeguarding you against unforeseen labor-related cost escalations.

Easy Management

The challenges of managing internal staff, such as sick days or resignations, can be burdensome. Contractual security providers assume responsibility for staffing your site, sparing you the stress of HR coordination and unexpected overtime costs.

Tailored Solutions

Security providers offer tailored solutions that align precisely with your needs, granting you unparalleled flexibility. Unlike the constraints of proprietary staff, security companies accommodate your requirements, from personnel adjustments to scheduling changes, without the burdens of HR regulations or labor laws.

Proficient Security Handling

Security companies excel in preparing and managing their personnel to respond efficiently to security incidents. Professional security guards from these agencies are adept at addressing security concerns with a level of expertise that is often challenging for internally trained staff to match. 

The focus of private security firms on safety ensures superior performance in handling security matters, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


Understanding the importance of hiring security guards should encourage corporations to embrace the associated costs, as long as they remain reasonable. Before formalizing a contract with a security agency, conducting a thorough background check is crucial to ensure alignment with the corporation’s requirements. 

Protection and security must be given to all individuals interacting with the corporation, underscoring the collective responsibility involved. Security guards are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities within the parameters of the agreed-upon contract between the corporation and the security agency.

A valuable piece of advice for interacting with security guards is to treat them with respect and human consideration. This approach can harness a collaborative atmosphere, potentially motivating security personnel to go above and beyond in maintaining a smooth operation within the corporate office. 

Corporations are involved in extensive business dealings, making their assets and personnel invaluable. Cutting corners to save costs cannot replace the necessity of creating a safe and secure environment. Thus investing in such security measures is fundamental to a corporation’s eventual success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having a security guard important for an organization? 

A security guard offers both protection and a feeling of safety. They are responsible for crowd control, protection from theft, and ensure overall security. Whether it’s safeguarding your family, business, personal belongings, or employees, security guard protection plays a crucial role.

What security requirements does a company have? 

Physical security measures encompass biometric or barcoded door locks, security personnel, alarm systems, video surveillance, and restricted access zones. These measures should address not only external threats but also potential internal risks.

How can we promote security in the workplace?

Promoting security in the workplace involves several key steps such as implementing access control measures, such as ID card systems and biometric locks. This helps restrict unauthorized entry. Regular employee training on security protocols and emergency procedures creates awareness and preparedness. Installing surveillance cameras in strategic locations enhances monitoring and deterrence. 

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