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How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh?

How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh

For every country and its living being, the physical protection of lives and information is the foremost thing to look out for. 

However, what refers to physical security exactly? 

Simply put, it’s the ultimate protection method of assets, valuable data of every living object and person. How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, there are a vast quantity of organizations that need the best security solutions. In the lack of it, such crimes as property intrusion, murder, vandalism, property destruction, information leakage, and data hacking. 

The organizations in our country need to pay more attention to its security system. 

Today I will be talking about how organizations can improve the quality of their physical security system. I will be explaining each step for your better understanding. 

Simple Steps to Strengthen Your Organization’s Physical Security

Identifying the threatsSetting up a legal and ethical framework
Risk assessmentImplementing security facilities
Fixate access controlConstant upgrades and improvement in security
Rules and regulationsConstant monitoring and improvisation

Understanding the Threat 

Bangladesh has a complex threat environment. It requires a deep understanding of the many security issues.

Let’s explore the common security threats:


Terrorism in Bangladesh has risen to a great height since 1996. Since that time, Bangladesh has faced challenges in many forms. 

Taking the lives of innocents, threatening, and introducing unsuitability in the corporations, the extremists have been trying to impose difficulties for ages. It’s never been an easier issue dealing with them. 

Moreover, their implications on our varied sector of organizations haven’t been a limited one either.

Theft and Vandalism 

The theft may include theft of assets, confidential pieces of information, and data. 

An organization has many severe aspects. An organization automatically stays one step ahead of every other organization just by ensuring one simple thing – physical security. How to Improve Physical Security for your organization.

So, the improvement of the security system showcases the value of an entire organization. 

Cyber Threats 

Cyber security threat is the combination of physical harm and cyberattacks.

For example, real-world interruptions and system failure might result from a cyber attack. It can be in industrial control systems or power grids. These constantly changing threats are extremely harmful to organizations.

Assessing Risk: Safeguarding Success

Regular security assessment is important when you want to stay updated about potential threats. It’s a great part of the whole safety improvement journey. 

This process will help locate the possible threats and vulnerabilities. Moreover, It allows your organization to evaluate and regulate safety measures. 

It entails a methodical assessment of the risks and dangers that a company could face. 

This approach helps to execute safety plans, allocating resources effectively and improving the overall security management system to fight against infidel activities. 

The implementation of these very steps may enhance their understanding of the definite security problems they are likely to endure, point out weaknesses, and optimize resource allocation to safeguard their most important assets and domains.

Importance of Security Policies

How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh

Security policies work as the backbone of any organization. When running an organization, you must realize the safety needs of the individuals who work under your operation.

Much as assets and other important objects, protection of these are essential. However, The value of life comes first, and the objects. 

A security strategy is essential in Bangladesh. Security threats are multifaceted and always changing. 

It serves many severe components: 

1. Standardization

It provides a standard notion to every employee making them responsible for their role in maintaining security policies. 

2. Risk-Solution

When you are clear about your security problems, you take measures according to the threats. Security policy best defines the problems and gives solutions to mitigate the risks.

3. Regulations 

In Bangladesh’s landscape, maintaining regulations that adhere to local, national, and international standards might be critical. However, security policies help organizations maintain the security standard and bring improvement where necessary. 

4. Legal and Ethical Framework

It lays a legal and ethical framework that governs an organization’s operations and clarifies expectations for stakeholders and staff. There are some effective key materials and tools for the frameworks. 

5. Applying an Access Control System 

Biometric Access 

This system consists of a unique set of behavioral and physical patterns, such as Fingerprints, Facial Recognition, or Retinal Scan to control and limit access to unauthorized objects or personnel. How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh?

These are normally used in organizations, laboratories or data centers to ensure that no one without permission can have access to the entity.

In Bangladesh’s context, in some organizations, you can see that these methods have already become a part of their policy plan. Still, it needs serious improvement and focus. How to Improve Physical Security for your organization.

Card-Based Access

Physical cards or key fobs are used in card-based access control to authenticate people. Depending on the user’s job or clearance level, access cards can be configured to either give or limit access.

This approach is frequently utilized in office buildings, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities. 

Visitor/Guest Management

The visitor management system is crucial for individuals with no official access or permanent access rights. Since Bangladeshi people are very hospitable by nature. It’s not uncommon for them to bring guests into their organization for their respective reasons.

To minimize access to ensure a safer environment, the security policy should maintain a proper guest management system. 

6. Secure Perimeter and Facility Design 

Having a secured perimeter and facility design is important to protect an organization from its intruders. Let’s see some key elements of enhancing the security perimeter to ensure safety: 


In Bangladesh, property theft and vandalism are very common incidents. To reduce and mitigate this problem, secure fencing should be a high priority. 

Secured fencing works as the primary barrier to any undesired access. Therefore, you can not avoid implementing a well-built fence around your property. 

To toughen up the entire security of your organization, you have to have secure gates for controlled access. Manned or automated gates can limit traffic flow for cars and pedestrians. Anti-ram barriers also can be used to stop forceful access in high-risk regions.

Only authorized workers should be permitted access via effective gating. How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization.

Building Design 

The design of the facility of the entry point of your organization must provide controlled access. In high-security environments, double-entry vestibules with access control are a valuable design choice.

Pay attention to entrances and exits for safe evacuation in case of natural disasters. In emergency conditions, there should be emergency exit routes. Get your property designed in a way that owns all these protection components. 

7. Response and Recovery Plan

Concerning Bangladesh’s dynamic security landscape, a well-made response and recovery plan is a necessity. These plans help people in trouble to execute solutions in sudden unwanted situations. 

Try setting up a procedure for identifying security problems before the undesired incident. This includes staff reporting, external notifications, or monitoring systems.

After an unwanted event has been located, it must be classified according to its seriousness and possible impacts. This enables efficient resource allocation.

Moreover, every kind of event should have a response plan with specific steps for:

  • containment 
  • eradication 
  • recovery
  • lessons learned

8. Disaster Recovery Plan 

The goal of the disaster recovery plan is to quickly return to regular operations. This includes reconstructing infrastructure, recovering data, and restoring systems—especially in the event of cyber attacks or natural catastrophes.

However, it is essential to test a recovery plan daily to make sure it works when a crucial moment arrives.How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a natural disaster-prone land. Keeping this in mind plans such as these are essential not just for security crises but also for incidents like floods, and typhoons.

Budgeting for Physical Security 

You should always have a separate budget fixed for your organization’s security purposes. The first step in doing that is to detect what sort of security problems the organization might face and to prevent that from happening, what measure acts are necessary and need consideration.How to Improve Physical Security for Your Organization.

Given Bangladesh’s security concerns, it’s critical to find a balance between prudent financial allocation and effective, reasonably priced security solutions. You need to utilize technology to reduce overall costs, regulating security measures where important, and ensuring an organization’s safety without overspending the budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Physical Security?

Physical security is the term used to describe the tactics and procedures an organization uses to safeguard its personnel, property, and facilities from many types of threats, such as theft, vandalism, and other physical dangers. 

What Physical Security Risks Are Prevalent In Bangladesh?

Terrorism, theft, vandalism, natural catastrophes including floods and cyclones, and cyber-physical threats—which mix digital and physical risks—are common physical security challenges in Bangladesh.

Conclusion | How to Improve Physical Security

Obviously, Bangladeshi organizations need to be more careful about their physical security problems. Identifying the security threats is the foremost component for necessary adopting measure acts. We have tried to point out the threatening areas in the Bangladeshi landscape. 

Choose the best physical security company that best meets your organization’s needs. In Bangladesh, you can always check with Sentry Security Service Limited.

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