The best security guard service in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Bank Security Guard service | Cash Carrying Service in BD Sentry Security Services Ltd.Cash-In-Transit(CIT) - The best security guard service in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Bank Security Guard service | Cash Carrying Service in BD Sentry Security Services Ltd.
Since 1995
DUNS NUMBER: 731591967

SSSL offers secured banking movements that protect your staff and cash against robbery.
Our Cash-In-Transit(CIT) service saves you and your staff time-consuming trips, cash-carrying risks, and finally, it gives a cost-effective solution to our valued clients. SSSL is highly experienced in providing Cash-In-Transit(CIT) services to a wide range of customers including financial institutions, retail, and small businesses. We are also in the Process of providing end-to-end ATM services, including cash supply, replenishment, and maintenance.
Benefits of using our CIT Services:
* We arrange the collection of your cash and cheques to a schedule that suits you.
* We ensure your funds are delivered to your nominated bank/place anywhere within the same business day.
* We accept liability for your cash on a declared value basis from the time of collection until delivered to your bank/place, backed by liability insurance.
* We maintain a pull of fully licensed and trained armed security personnel to protect against any robbery incident.
* We operate throughout the country.

Operating Procedure:

a. Cash Carrying Team:

(I) Team Leader: is a Uniformed Officer of SSSL, who previously served the Armed Forces Division of Bangladesh and especially experienced/ trained for Cash-in-Transit Operation.
(II) Guards: Minimum two well-trained Uniformed Guard detailed for Cash-in-Transit(CIT) duty.
(III) Driver: An experienced, Uniformed Driver with a valid license and trained in a Cash-in-Transit Operation.
(IV) Verification: the Highly confidential member is included in this operation.
(V) Training: All the team members shall be trained in the counter hijacking, hand-to-hand combat, and standard security operational procedures of Banks and Financial Institutions.
vi. Uniform & Gears: In this operation, all team members shall wear uniforms with accessories. The Supervisor and guards shall be trained in handling arms. The supervisor monitors the environment, risk factors, and the guard’s duty. We have enough cartridges for this operation.
vii. Identity Card: All members of the Cash Carrying Team have to be in possession – on of the Company Identity Card issued by the Management of the Protection One to establish authenticity.
viii. Duty Card: All members of the Cash-in-Transit team are to have operational duty cards in addition to the respective company identity cards.

b. Cash-In-Transit Operation

(I) Command: The route of this operation is maintained by the city control room. In case a deviation becomes necessary the supervisor shall communicate with the Control Room and follow instructions and also quick response team move on this place.

(II) Fraternity: During the operation, Only representative officers, guards, and arm guards are allowed to travel with the vehicle.

(III) Control Room Services: SSSL, Cash-in-Transit operation shall be monitored by the Control Room by issuing duty slips, special identity cards, briefing of the route, car tracking, allocation of time, monitoring of the movement.

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