Our security personnel are adequately trained and prepared to handle and respond to all types of emergencies and potential threats. We have fully equipped training centers with professional trainers. All personnel are given compulsory pre-assignment trainings, on job training, refresher courses, supervisor courses, emergency and evacuation procedures, first aid, unarmed combat etc.

Hiring Process:

Our strategic approach to quality protection begins at our selection process of the personnel. After thorough screening on records, references from previous employer’s suitable candidates are selected based on Educational qualification, physical fitness, background and other client defined parameters. Only the qualified individuals are selected. Verification for any criminal background is conducted through police authorities. Records and photographs are archived personnel in our central database with appropriate retention policy.

Use of Security Equipment:

Walk through Metal Detector of Garret Brand USA Hand held Metal Detector of Garret Brand of USA or Super Scanner of China Explosive searching device from Garret. CCTV Geovision (Tw) Hikvision ( Cn) or world famous brands like Pelco, Axis, Samsung or Panasonic. Hang bang DVR (China) K&D (China) Hikvision (China) Vehicle searching Mirror China or Bangladeshi Brand Luggage scanner of China or German origin Access control (RFID, Finger Print or face recognition) Chinese or Taiwanese or western brand. Smoke and Intruder Alarm of China or Taiwanese Brand or if needed Honeywell or ADT products. Fire extinguishers. Short range communication devices. Electromagnetic Turnstile. Equipments any brand and quantity desired by client.

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