Vulnerability assessment is the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating and mitigating vulnerabilities in an organization’s network. This process is a key feature of several compliance, audit and risk management frameworks. To minimize the window of opportunity for attackers, it is important to continuously assess and act on new information to identify vulnerabilities and remediate them.

Securing your organization’s resources from inside and outside threats require a frequent and pro-active vulnerability assessment. The benefits of a vulnerability assessment include, but are not limited to: •Identification of known security exposures before potential attackers do. Early detection gives the opportunity to address such issues before it is being exploited by adversaries at a huge cost to the company’s assets and reputation.
• Provision of an up-to-date network map of the company as well as an up-to-date inventory of all the devices on the company’s network.
• Provide an assessment of your company’s security posture.
• Evaluation of your infrastructure from multiple positions to understand threats from internal and external attack points.
• Ensure compliance with industry regulations and help avoid significant fines for non-compliance.
• Demonstrate the number of exposures associated with systems over a given period from the result of vulnerability scans

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