SSSL Towards Digitalization:

SSSL  has developed eTrack – Employee Monitoring System for monitoring and getting the attendance of  employees/guards digitally  from Head Quarter.

How it Works :
Through the app eTrack we SSSL will monitor the guard’s attendance remotely and also get information about the sites as and when necessary.

Guards/Employee only needs to click on the tab

Guards/Employee can write and send small notes through this app.

From this application SSSL will get Guards/Employee’s


Location (Latitude-Longitude)

Date and Time


SSSL will also see the reports  of

?Guard’s /Employee Attendance with date, time and location (latitude/longitude).

?Daily Tracking History of all Guards/Employees

?Today’s Absent (current date)

?Day wise Absent (with selection range)

?Daily Tracking (Individual)

?Weekly Tracking

?Monthly Tracking

?Tracking History

?Notes/Minutes on the site/ location.

Settings of e-Track Mobile Application:

* This software will be integrated with HRMS software and collect employee details from there.

* Can add employee separately.

* Install the e-track Mobile Application on Android Mobile set.

* Entry Employee ID number.

* Entry I time a token number.

* Click on Register.

* After Installation, this e-track Application will be registered to the mobile set with the application icon.

* Click on the SSSL Icon.

* After clicking on the icon, this link page will be opened

* This application software is linked with SSSl HRMS Software and will collect all the employee details from there.

* There is an option to direct entry client employee name and ID on this system.

* Type shorts about Location place if necessary.

* Press on the  “I AM ON DUTY” button.

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