Quality Management.

We maintain required standard of security personnel as laid down in “Bangladesh Private Security Act, 2006”. Newly recruited personnel are thoroughly verified for their characters, criminal records etc., by the police authorities. In case of armed guards (if employed), Arms licenses are strictly checked and verified from the issuing authorities. We provide in house (Classroom, Physical and Professional) training for 28 days to ensure that the guards deployed for various clients are properly trained and developed necessary skill required to perform security duties. We employ managerial senior staffs having experience in serving in defense forces or police force. Professionals from various corporate are also employed in the field of HR, Administration, Sales & Marketing and Operations. For field force we prefer to employ people of 22 to 40 years of age group so that they are physically fit and mentally receptive. This also enables to guard the client’s property in an effective way by using the physical force wherever necessary without violating law of the land. Periodical Medical Checkup and other health measures are arranged for the supervisory positions. Medical checkup are also arranged as per the regulatory requirements of the client/s.

Safety and Risk Cover.

The Company maintains and operates a full and comprehensive Health & Safety policy and employees are adequately insured to meet the uncertainty, which may occur due to working in risky places, adverse circumstances etc. SSSL has praiseworthy safety records with no major incident.

Maintenance and service of Equipment:

SSSL ensures periodic maintenance of all equipment for client by qualified engineer quarterly or on requirement basis. Basic maintenance procedures are taught to operators so that he can take precaution while using those equipment and can do necessary daily maintenance. Generally a guard is equipped with hand held metal detector, PPE as appropriate, torch, baton and communication device like radio set or mobile phone and whistle to perform their day to day work.

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