Company Philosophy

Business is not all about profit; CSR is the prominent aspect of a business. In security business, honesty is the crux of all activity. Quality of security depends on application of knowledge to integrate people, process, technology and awareness where both the client and the service provider should be ready to pay the cost. A satisfied employee can only satisfy a client. Best guard cannot perform best if the policy and procedures are not placed basing on customized need. Skill can only be developed by proper training and supervision. A business house generally enjoys 8 hours dedication of their employees in a day but needs 24 hours dedication from their security staffs.

Vision of the Organization

Our vision is to be the most professional security service provider in the industry by 2020 ensuring complete client satisfaction and creating client agency working partnerships, while valuing each and every employee.

Mission of the Organization

To provide service to clients displaying our professionalism through core competency in knowledge based security, systematic supervision, employee evaluation, customized and appropriate training, skill development and security integration. To ensure complete client satisfaction and create client-agency working partnerships, while valuing each and every employee.

Customer Satisfaction.

We pay careful attention to our customer needs, including on time services, competitive prices, service quality and continuous quality improvement. The complete customer satisfaction is our top most priority and this is possible through our approach towards quality management program, finding innovative ways to provide highly qualitative and cost efficient services.

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